About Us


Who We Are

The Taste of Indonesia

It all began with a craving for the rich flavors of Indonesian soups, deep in the bellies of some Indonesian expatriates. This lead to the birth of the first casual dining Indonesian soup house in Singapore. With great pride, we crafted an inspired menu which focused on introducing an array of Indonesian food items ranging from street favourites to scrumptious soups. Through the combination of our menu, the “Warung” (a traditional Indonesian eatery) like ambience and the utilization of the “Kentongan” (a traditional percussion instrument typically used by Indonesian street vendors to announce their presence; producing a “tok-tok” sound) to emulate Indonesian street vendors, we strive to provide our guests with the authentic experiences of Indonesia.

Our Shop

We began our journey in November 2016 with a humble unit on the third basement level of 313@Somerset shopping mall. Shortly after our opening, Tok Tok Indonesian Soup House began to gain some appreciation from residents and tourists alike. Inspired and blessed with the influx of positive feedback and support from our guests, we decided to expand further by branching out to our second location.

In June 2017, our second outlet, located at 18 Ann Siang Road, was officially opened. The iconic traits of Tok Tok Indonesian Soup House are similar between the two outlets. However, an extension of the initial menu is currently only available at our Ann Siang outlet.